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Equipment & Spares

With over 20 years' experience in the industry, TMS Air Filtration Services are equipped to manage ventilation services for a variety of different purposes. 

At TMS Air Filtration Services, We Supply Air Filtration Equipment to Industrial and Commercial Clients Across the UK, Including SmogHog

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Filtration Solutions for a Variety of Applications

Our expert engineers are highly experienced and have the expertise to install, service and repair air filtration systems for commercial and industrial requirements, including:

  • Oil Mist from various types of machining
  • Welding fumes, both small and large scale
  • Solder fumes emanating from flow solder machines
  • Plastic smoke created by extrusion machines
  • Smoke generated by wire coating
  • Emulsion mists from high-speed grinding
  • Rubber fumes arising from presses

We also offer a breakdown, repairs and replacement call out service, arriving at your location as quickly as possible from our base in Kenilworth. We are dedicated to providing a fully flexible service that works around your requirements, causing minimal disruption to your production facility.

High Quality Filtration Equipment

At TMS Air Filtration Services, we supply air filtration equipment to industrial and commercial clients across the UK. Our service covers all types of ventilation equipment and accessories, including:

Flexible duct

Flat duct

Dust filter units

Filter cloths

Spiral ducts

Bag filters

Filter mists

Filter plates

Extract fans



Proud Suppliers of Top Brands

We offer high-quality ventilation solutions at affordable prices. Our range includes specialist equipment such as:

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One of the most effective mist and fume collectors on the market today, Smoghog is ideal for collecting wet pollutant from industrial manufacturing processes, including oil smoke, coolant mist and process fumes.

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Airbench Air Cleaning Systems

Airbench uses high tech fan and filter technology to resolve atmospheric dust issues caused by nearby processes. The system runs continuously to clean and recirculate the air in your workshop.

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Nederman Modular Filter System

The Nederman Modular Filter System can be used to create a ventilation system that suits specific requirements. They can be used to extract particles, HEPA and gas from the manufacturing environment.

Donaldson Torrit Logo

Donaldson Torrit

Donaldson Torrit offer a range of high quality baghouse duct collectors, including the Cyclones, RF, Dalamatic, IRD and Unimaster. Used for over 50 years for industrial dust collection, baghouse collectors can handle even the heaviest dust loads to keep your operation running smoothly.

Filtermist Logo

Filtermist units

Filtermists are a universal application, perfect for all types of manufacturing and industrial sectors. The units come in a variety of types, so you are sure to find one to suit your requirements. Common uses for Filtermist units include in food spraying facilities, spark eroding and industrial washing processes.

Coolant mist filters

A coolant mist filter is connected directly to your machine to extract hazardous oil and coolant mist, before recirculating clean air back into the environment.

Mobile and portable weld fume extraction

We are equipped to provide weld fume extraction services at your location, removing toxic fumes from your manufacturing environment.

For Smoghog Mist & Fume Collectors, Call TMS Air Filtration Services

We are fully flexible around your schedule and aim to complete all installations with minimal disruption to your facility.